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Your wedding day should be the best day of your life. It should be filled with love and laughter, but instead, most couples are stressed out to get all organized to the point and can’t relax on the day, because they want to make their guests happy.
Wrong approach! You have to be happy, it is your day and I’m here to help you with exactly that. Mission ‘Destination Wedding Austria’ starts right here!
No matter if you want the full package of Wedding Planning, some help with Wedding Coordination the weeks before you tie the knot or a customized package with my ‘Power of Love’-on-demand and Wedding Attendance I will make sure you can sink into that Hollywood kiss without stressing about the cutting of the cake.
I am from the most beautiful country in the world – Austria, but I decided very soon that there is more out there. After studying International Business and Economics in Austria and Spain and two short stops in New Orleans and New York I settled in the best city in the world – London!
With more than 10 years of event management experience in London, Europe and the Middle East I want to combine my two favourites – Austria and the English-speaking international world – and all my gained knowledge of how to work to that deadline and how to get the most out of that budget to make the starting point of your marriage special. It will be your most important contract in life, after all!
Stressfree Weddings by SandraM

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Hochzeitsplanung für Österreicher und Internationals! Mit 10 Jahren Eventmanagement Erfahrung in ganz Europa ist es ein leichtes für mich länder- und sprachenübergreifend zu arbeiten, zu verstehen und zu verwirklichen - zum gewünschten Zeitpunkt und innerhalb des Budgets!


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Sarah Al-Hosini
Sarah Al-Hosini

I have been working as a celebrant for the past years and in that time, I have worked with SandraM on several occasions. Her time management is fantastic, she knows how to deal with people and the results are always to her clients’ satisfaction. When it comes to your wedding abroad – trust her! As an event management professional Sandra knows what she is doing and with her native charm you can only win and get the best preparations possible at your chosen destination for your wedding day. And the best – she will deliver it all with a smile! Sagt Sarah :)

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