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Hochzeitsplanung für internationale Brautpaare in Österreich, Frankreich und Italien

Kreative Beratung, perfekte Planung und makellose Designkonzepte für internationale Hochzeiten, Heiratsanträge und Fotoshootings in Österreich, Frankreich und Italien.

Unter dem Motto „Luxury Love Stories for Adventurers with Impeccable Taste“ begleiten wir Paare aus aller Welt auf dem Weg zur perfekten Hochzeit in Österreich, Italien und Frankreich. Sei es ein Heiratsantrag, eine geheime Trauung zu zweit, eine riesige Hochzeitsfeier, ein Fotoshooting vor oder nach der Hochzeit oder eine Erneuerung der Eheversprechen, wir stehen Ihnen mit Rat und Tat zur Seite. Unsere Hochzeiten sind romantisch, zeitlos, elegant und… highly emotional.

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  • Liis Viilipus

    We planned to have a little wedding – just a day for two of us!
    So, at first we tried to organize our little elopement wedding by ourselves, but after a few months we realized that organizing a wedding by our selves in another country is quite hard and too time consuming. Especially if you do not have any connections, contacts of the vendors and so on. So we decided to start our hunt for a wedding planner knowing three things: planning even a wedding for two is a lot of work; we both had really busy work schedules and we wanted our day to be well coordinated and stress free. Then we started to search wedding planners in Vienna and found Irene.
    This was our best decisions – communication with Irene was always smooth and friendly. Irene made the entire process so easy and stress-free for us. During our meetings, she seemed to know exactly what we were looking for without trying too hard and our day was beautiful because of her help. She listened all our wishes and made them happen 🙂
    Every now and then she ran down a checklist to be sure we hadn’t overlooked anything and made also suggestions on any decisions we still needed to make.
    All the coordination on our big day was flawless, the wedding venue, the cake and the flowers…everything was beautiful. Also the make-up artist that Irene suggested was beyond of all the expectations. She was very helpful to get everything for the big day coordinated!
    It really takes a special type of person to make other people’s dreams & visions to come true :). Thank you for making it happen :)!
    Liis & Mart from Estonia

  • Soham

    Irene was super helpful and planned our special moment to perfection! I was in touch with her for a week beforehand and she was able to respond very quickly and suggest various alternatives which were all really good. She also arranged for a photographer and violinist, both of whom were excellent. I would definitely recommend using her services.

  • Yuen Zhao Wei

    „Perfect“ was the chosen song for my surprise proposal and also how I would describe Irene’s team for their wonderful preparations.

    My first enquiry with Irene was two months prior to the planned date. Since then, Irene has quickly followed up with several detailed packages to suit my needs. She seems to know a first-timer’s nervous concerns even before the usual questions were asked. Having chosen High Emotions Wedding certainly put my mind at ease. Thanks to Irene’s detailed planning and constant follow-up to my long list of queries, I was able to focus on trip planning and other activities like buying the proposal ring.

    The surprise proposal was successful! My girlfriend (now wife) did not suspect anything amiss when she wandered into the beautiful decorated Albertina Rose Salon after a long day of museum hopping. She was quickly overwhelmed by emotions after realizing my true intentions. I would like to thank Irene and her team for masquerading as tourists while waiting for my cue and going the extra mile to record my proposal speech. Together with the breathtaking outdoor photography taken by Ms. Nikol Bodnarova, the day’s emotions will be forever enshrined within our hearts.

    I would certainly recommend High Emotions for their track record of „Yes, I do“.

  • Liliia

    Dear Irene and Mihai!!!

    we are still overwhelmed with our perfect wedding! 
    And it would not be possible without your help!!!
    I cannot find enough words to express how beautiful was everything! 
    All the guests were just mesmerised by all the beauty! We are still discussing how perfect was everything! 🙂 
    That was such a great cooperation with you! 
    Thank you so much for being so professional and passionate for what you are doing! 

    We could not even imagine how smooth everything would be! Communication, ideas discussions, organisation…. everything!  

    And the biggest gratitude is for bringing personal touch for everything you do! 

    We cannot wait to see share with you professional photos already!

    P.S. And many thx for your present! This was so sweet and just perfect for our after wedding day!

    With love, Liliia & George 

  • Nick

    Irene is the person you need to deal with, if you want to organize the wedding of your lifetime. Extremely passionate of what she is doing, a great professional and also a very nice person – She really helped me organize a great experience for my fiancee. Thank you for everything once again – Nick

  • Dara Fields

    If you’re eloping, hire these guys. They are THE BEST. They are professional, organized, and very kind and supportive. They organize all of the documents and vendors with ease and send you reminders if you forget to do something. They’re very experienced and intuitively know what you need. Their network of vendors is vast and adores working with them. You know they’re a great company with solid character when their reputation among vendors is also 5 stars. Our elopement went off without a glitch and because of High Emotion Weddings we were able to relax and enjoy the day.

  • Jessica

    Pause for a moment and picture your dream wedding. Imagine the sights, the sounds, and the feel of your ideal day. Now imagine someone who has the magic powers to extract that exact fantasy from your mind, breathe life into it, and make it a reality – down to the smallest detail; everything one thousand times more beautiful, more perfect than you ever imagined. It sounds too good to be true! But it’s not if you know Irene and her team at High Emotion Weddings.

    We immediately fell in love with the classic elegance and breathtaking beauty that exuded from photo after photo in HEW’s portfolio. The initial discovery call sealed the deal for us. Irene was warm, inquisitive, and thoughtful. She wanted to know about us as a couple – our likes and dislikes; what our ideal day looked like; how we wanted to feel. We found this to be refreshing compared to calls we had with other planners whose first order of business was to discuss numbers, logistics, and deposits. With them, it seemed like just another transaction. With Irene, it immediately felt personal.

    We worked closely with Irene and Mihai to refine the details of our wedding weekend. They consulted us about every element – website, music, photography, food & beverage, decor, you name it! They asked us to share the vibe we wanted, and they narrowed down a few options for each category from which we could choose. This was a blessing for people like Joe and me who are super indecisive! Irene and Mihai provided their expert opinion when we asked for input, but they were never pushy and never tried to sway us in any particular direction. Irene graciously advocated for us when speaking to vendors – communicating our desires and our concerns and negotiating pricing when it was warranted.

    Each step of planning was handled so thoroughly and so methodically. Irene was speedy and comprehensive in her responses. Her communication via email was always crystal clear – something not easily achieved for most people, but super important when it comes to planning the finer details of a destination wedding. We had regular status calls where Irene provided us with a list of completed, ongoing, and future tasks. I cannot stress enough how buttoned-up everything was. We were in lockstep with Irene and Mihai through the entire process; our visions completely aligned. We truly felt a partnership with them.

    Joe and I always scoffed and rolled our eyes when people would tell us your wedding is the best day of your life. “We’ll have lots of best days!”, we’d respond. How wrong we were. We both can honestly say that Irene and Mihai gave us the most incredible day of our life. The thought, care, and attention to detail that went into planning was second to none. The execution was flawless. They took all the stress out of planning a wedding. They did all the heavy lifting so we could sit back and simply enjoy our day. They created a masterpiece: making it possible for us to marry in an exquisite church, and then celebrate our love with our family and closest friends in an actual palace! The expressions and reactions of our families and friends are forever ingrained in our minds. We have never felt so much happiness, so much love.

    We’ve been to a lot of great weddings, but there’s something about them that always seem so generic; cookie-cutter, if you will. They all have a similar look and feel, bar the different flowers or linen color. That wasn’t the case for us. Everything that Irene touched was pure gold. If you want a day that’s truly special, truly one-of-a-kind; a day that truly captures and reflects your essence as a couple, you need to hire High Emotion Weddings. No one will put as much love or thought into making your special day a reality as Irene. She is sincerely one of the most talented, creative, perceptive, and beautiful humans I know. Thank you, High Emotion Weddings, for setting the bar so high. You are truly masters of your craft.

  • Ekaterina Mousa

    I am extremely grateful that we had High Emotions Weddings as our wedding planner.

    Before we got in touch with High Emotions Wedding planners, we were seriously struggling with our wedding organization and it was affecting our ceremony dates and the celebration itself. Furthermore, I am Russian and my at-that-time-husband-to-be is Egyptian, and we both have been living in the UAE for the past 10 years – that was not making the process of preparing documents for the wedding in Austria any easier.

    So, when we finally found High Emotions Weddings – Irene and Mihai literally saved our wedding! They knew exactly which loose ends we need to tie up! And most importantly – they did everything on time and in a very short timeframe, which I honestly thought was not possible to do.

    Their complete understanding of document requirements and processes for legal marriage registration, level of professionalism, strict adherence to the deadlines, and prompt reaction to any issues – it all saved our wedding date. Moreover, their friendliness, politeness, understanding, and confidence helped to keep our nerves calm, which is a very important factor in any wedding planning!

    They perfectly understood our vision of a dream wedding and all elements of it – and they managed to arrange everything from our list from A to Z (I still don’t know how they managed to organize our wedding so perfectly and to get to know our preferences so well as we haven’t met face-to-face in real life to discuss any wedding planning, all our meetings were only via Skype – but they knew exactly what we need!)

    They managed all our venues – for legal marriage and religious marriage, and the venue for the dinner, venue for the photoshoot, photographer, flowers, transportation, cakes (even Russian traditional cake for the wedding!) – basically anything you need – these guys can do it – I believe this is a real superpower!

    They also have a great online tool with all deadlines, very detailed budgets, themes, schedules, music playlists, names, contact details, which enables us to make everything transparent and to eliminate any surprise costs.

    Furthermore, they were next to us all the time on our wedding day, which gave me a huge relief and confidence in this happy but also important and worrying day!

    If anyone asks for a recommendation for a wedding planner in Austria – High Emotions Weddings is your perfect choice!


    Kindest Regards
    Ekaterina and Peter
    Dubai, UAE.



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