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Hi, my name is Nicole, I leave in Vienna and a little bit (or a little more) in Iceland. :)

Basically you can say, I am an "emotionsaddict", in german: Gefühlssüchtler. And at weddings, there I find a lot. On your weddingday, I become a classical stalker. Stalking you, your family, your guests, hunting for those little moments, full of emotions, the hidden details and the unplanned, priceless snapshots. While doing all that, I try to be as invisible as possible.

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Oooooh yes. Funny and personal, emotional and crazy, awesome and well, yeah, did I mention the dancing? :)

That you feel absolutely comfortable on your wedding day. It already starts while planning, with making decisions for YOUR happiness on YOUR weddingday.

Whereever and whenever you want me to have.


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