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MORNING PEOPLE, BREAKFAST LOVERS, COFFEE DRINKERS, OUTDOOR ADDICTS Hi, we are Agnes & Andi. Two wedding photographers based in Austria. In April 2010 we met each other through our passion for photography and since 2015 we live and work together in a little farmhouse near Vienna. We are early birds who love to collect memorable moments like sitting in front of Café de la Comedie in Paris and study french people in their trendy french clothing or exploring Iceland just on our own. Agnes could spend hours in a museum to look at paintings and although Andi loves art, he’s not the most patient person. So after visiting any museum Agnes has to take him straight to the next good restaurant or coffee shop. Andi is one of those people who would love to eat at every Michelin-starred restaurant around the world. We are really sensitive people who find a lot of inspiration in the smallest or simplest of things. When we go for a hike in the mountains all we think of is: „Oh God, I want a couple to photograph, standing right there“ or we watch movies and we may think: „damn, I want to cut this frame out and make a photo out of it“ Our individual points of view merge to a whole in our wedding photography. We always manage – through creativity and experience – to capture the special moments of the wedding as well as the uniqueness regarding the love between bride and groom. Our natural and timeless photographs should become something you really love to look at your whole life. We want you to trust us and our style, so that we can do our work in the best possible way. Only then it’s possible to create something special together.
Agnes & Andi Hochzeitsfotografen

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Hi, we are Agnes & Andi. Two wedding photographers based in Vienna – Austria, available worldwide for weddings and elopements. We love to capture stories of people on their big day. We are inspired by landscapes, analog photography and people with exceptional style. Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Iceland or USA it doesn’t matter where your wedding takes place – We will be there to capture your wedding.


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