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My Story

I suppose my photographic journey began at the age of sixteen. There was an important rock concert at school and I was press-ganged by my friends into taking photos for posterity. Running around the stage with my genuinely terrible 2005 cameraphone was a lot of fun, even if the photos turned out to be awful messes! With a few breaks in between here and there, I've been a photography-lover ever since, but the next time I seriously picked up a camera was in 2011 and I've been doing it ever since! I love the ability of photographs to tell a story that contains both a split-second and so much more besides.


My method could probably be best described as "mixed". A potent mixture of reportage and portraiture to show the multiple facets of every wedding day. It's very important to me to observe and document events discreetly, I feel that this helps to preserve emotional resonance in the photographs. I am easy-going, patient, and friendly, which hopefully puts my couples at ease (it certainly helps when herding guests together for group photographs)!

About Me

I am a photographer with eight year's of experience, four of which are in wedding photography. I am also a very keen street photographer, which has taught me many valuable lessons that can be applied to weddings. 
I live in Vienna with my wife Barbara and our cat Saga. I love to paint, play board-games, and read.

Ich spreche Deutsch gern, und kann gut Deutsch verstehen, aber schreibe ich nicht so gut! Meiner Frau ist eine Wienerin und sie kann für mich ubersetzen, wenn mein Deutsch nicht genug ist! :) 

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Given the lead-up time for weddings is quite lengthy, I usually suggest booking no later than three months in advance, however, if your wedding is sooner, get in touch! I would be happy to advise on availability!

A meeting is always useful, but not always convenient for couples. My packages include pre-wedding consultations, which I am happy to provide over Skype, and I can always be reached at my email address!

I do! I have three packages to choose from on my website, handily labelled 1, 2, and 3! All three are also customisable to meet your precise requirements.


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