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Hochzeitsfotograf aus Niederösterreich

"I want to do to you

what spring does to the cherry tree."

- Pablo Neruda

"Photography can be like a telephone book or like a Neruda poem." 

- Konstantin Mikulitsch


YOU are madly in love

and want to share your wedding day with your best mates and closest family to have an awesome fiest until the sun rises? Awesome. Let's document this unique day in your life so you can come back to your day one as often as you want to.

YOU are looking for pictures of your wedding that 

- tell YOUR story

- do have a unique look and style

- are documentary, artistic, and sometimes a little funny

... then maybe I am the right photographer for you.

Check out my website to learn more.

-->  www.tilldeath.at  <--

 Or follow my instagram @konstantinmikulitsch


Hey, I am Konstantin.

And I am still looking for that wedding where grandpa dances drunk on the tables. I would love to take that picture. On your wedding day I won't just be the usual wedding photographer standing on the sidelines. I will dive in and tell the day from the perspective of a guest. One that really likes to get close to the scene and takes awesome pictures (I wouldn't say that about me. But my couples do)

I call my wedding photography label TILLDEATH because: my vision is to work with couples who are marrying because they want to spend the rest of their lifes together. Nothing less. So if you are just marrying because you'll get a better credit rate at the bank, maybe I am not the right choise for you.

At the moment i live with my family in a tiny house in St. Pölten, Lower Austria. A small town that once had the phrase "in the center of europe" in their tourist-ads. From here I photograph weddings in Austria and  abroad.

So, if you want your wedding photographs to be artistic, authentic, awesome, and a little fun, I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

"Dont shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like" - David Alan Harvey.

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Yes. But, because I try also to speak to international clients, I'll stick to the English here ;)

If your wedding is outside of LowerAustria or Vienna I'll charge you my travel costs and 1-2 days in a hotel near your venue. So I will be rested to spend the day with you.

The sooner the better, what else? - One year in advance would be perfect, but I have always some dates left during wedding season. So just give me a call.

All of them. Don't know. Usually I deliver between 400 and 600. Each of them edited and in high-resolution. You may print them yourselves. Or you buy rad fineartprints, made by me.

Both. And Dr. Who.

I am on a 100% plant based diet. So I'll stick with the potato salad.

I would spend my days climbing, playing chess, and photographing people.

Definitely. So if your wedding takes place in Norway or Morocco, just give me a call.

Usually I start a couple of hours before your ceremony. To document all those moments between you and your loved ones before the actual wedding. Thats dad seeing his daughter the first time on the day, thats best mates going for a beer in the morning, thats laughing and crying during your getting ready. Than I am with you during your day. And trust me, after one hour you forget that I am even there. But I am. Capturing big and little moments. To make you cry tears of joy when you see the pictures. Usually I leave when the party is on its peak, so we'll get a lot of fun-dancing pictures too but I am gone before your folks are so drunk that pictures would just be embarrassing. LOL



  • Sandra & Florian

    you have made our most beautiful day even more beautiful. your charm always makes us feel cormfortable and every photo is so special. silmply perfect

  • Bea&Michi

    Du hast unseren Tag in wundervollen Bildern festgehalten die uns beim Anschauen immer wieder zum Strahlen bringen. Wir konnten einfach völlig unbeschwert und ungestört feiern und haben tolle Bilder von dir bekommen!!



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