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Hey guys!
In trying to fulfill the expectations of our society, our generation is running at an extreme pace, including lots of uncertainty in all areas, starting at your carreer and ending with the organization of your wedding. Latter has become such a huge and difficult event to organize that some couples are simply overwhelmed. So what I want to tell you for now is: “Relax, breathe deep and sit back for a second” :). Don’t let the stress of organizing your wedding actually ruin the fun of your wedding day. Don’t let anybody tell you what you should or should not have, do, or organize for your big day. Follow what you and your loved one wants and let your feelings decide!
That being said, there is many of photographers who take great pictures. But beyond that point I believe that I have the ability to feel the mood of my couples and  I see my role, as the one of a companion, who guides and helps you through t. I am there to make you laugh when your family is freaking you out and to make you fell relaxed when your bridesmade forgot the wedding rings. My couples have described me as somebody who netlessly fits in their weddig society and can have fun and connect with their family, friends and guests. Spreading good energy, having a good time and capturing moments that you will not forget for the rest of your life, is what I love most about my job and what I promise to you!
Besides , I love sports, nature, traveling, the ocean, surfing, expanding my horizon and inspiring others.
I would love to get to know you!
Lots of love

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Yes, of course I do :)! I was born and raised in Vienna but I studied abroad in the USA and in Portugal. I like the English language because it has a relaxed and lightheaded way of expressing things. I love Austria but I prefer to travel the world.

I always calculate by hours and it really depends on each individual case because everybody has different requests, wished and imaginations. I try to account for that. However my basic package starts at 900 Euro.

The earlier the better. I usually get pretty booked out by the beginning of the year, so it will not hurt if you send me a request early on.

I really emphasize and value to get to know my couples well. After you send me a request I would love to meet with you in person and see who you are, how you got to know each other and what is important for you. Afterwards you will receive an individual offer and from then on it's just another love relationship.

Energetic, Outgoing, Funny, Loveable, Crazy .

I love to travel, experience new cultures and spend time by the ocean. Anytime I can, I will try to chase the perfect wave and endless summer. My favorite countries are Portugal, California, Marocco, Nicaragua and Greece

I generally see it as my biggest success, if I can inspire my clients with my pictures. Apart from that, one of my images was shortlisted at the Red Bull Illume Award 2016 and voted under the best 275 pictures out of 35.000 submissions. I was asked to teach photography on Zakynthos, a greek Island, and I had multiple publications in surf and wedding magazines.


Constantin Wedding

Hermanngasse 17
1070 Wien
Wien, Neubau (7.)

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Hey guys, my name is Constantin and I am an international wedding photographer based in Vienna. I love to inspire, delight and touch people with my photography and I would be amazed if I could get the chance to meet you and be part of your biggest day. All the best Constantin

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